April 2019

Have you been sneezing? Had a runny nose? Itchy eyes?

It’s a difficult time of year as some people may think they’re suffering from a winter cold still, when in actual fact it could be hay fever.

The hay fever season kicked in a little earlier in the year, the beautiful spell of sunny weather we had in February brought out the tree pollen and people who are prone to hay fever began to suffer then.

Despite the changeable weather we’ve had since, the hay fever season is now here to stay.  The different types of pollen produced will begin to bring out the different types of hayfever over the coming weeks and months and the ones which are here already are here to stay.

Symptoms are usually worse when the grass pollen count increases, normally starting at some point between May and the middle of July.

The condition is caused when the immune system overreacts to allergens in the air - most people react to grass pollen but tree and weed pollens can also cause problems, normally earlier for trees (February to June) and later for weeds (June to September).

Hay fever can cause havoc for the estimated one in five suffering with symptoms.

Here’s our top ways to reduce the impact:

  1. Try to recognise if you have a cold or hay fever. Go to your pharmacist if you’re unsure and we can help.

  2. Take antihistamines before your symptoms start. This can help to reduce the severity. It’s a must to check with a pharmacist before beginning any medication though.

  3. If antihistamines isn’t your thing, other options can include steroid nasal sprays and anti-inflammatory eye drops which are all available from pharmacies.

  4. Change your clothes and shower after being outdoors as pollen sticks to clothing.

  5. If you can, stay indoors early in the morning and during the evening. The pollen count is higher at those times.

March 2019

Pharmacy first is essential in this age of hospital cuts, as we celebrate National Doctors Day

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," or so Benjamin Franklin explained in the 18th century.
If we were to update this today, focusing on what else keeps us well, health professionals would most certainly be high up on the list.
And we’d like to place the spotlight on them as people across the world prepare to mark National Doctor’s Day on March 30th.
Martin Lunt, Managing Director of Lunts Pharmacies, said: “The role of doctors in our communities cannot be underestimated.
“Lunts Pharmacies is a business rooted in health and wellbeing and we work closely with surgeries and hospitals, recognising their invaluable work day-in and day-out.
“Our primary role is to dispense medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor.
“But we also hope to take some of the strain off them and other health professionals by being able to give the people of Shropshire general advice on healthcare and by offering many products.
“There will be many occasions when the pharmacist can offer over the counter remedies without the need for a visit to your doctor and a prescription.
“In addition, we can provide travel vaccinations, offer support to stop smoking and review prescriptions to reduce any side effects or other drug related problems.
“These services can replace the need to visit the GP’s surgery or A&E, in many cases, which is convenient for the patient and reduces waiting times in doctors' surgeries, ensuring they can effectively treat those that need further attention.
“The work of GPs, A&E departments and the NHS is paramount and we are pleased to be able to play an ever-increasing role these days and take the pressure off.
“We are all committed to the communities we serve and we’d like to give a big thank you to all the doctors making an invaluable contribution with their expertise, dedication and care.”
Lunts is an independent, family owned and run pharmacy serving families and individuals in the Shropshire area, with stores in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury.

March 2019

Are you aware prescription charges rise on April 1? Here’s a way you could save money

Were you aware that the cost of prescriptions is set to rise on April 1?
Costs are increasing by 20p per prescription to £9.
But we want our customers to be as informed as they can be and look into possible  cost saving initiatives.
It could be a good time for some residents across our county to sign up for a pre payment certificate.
For anyone who has more than 12 items in a year or four or more items in a three month period this can lead to savings.
Pre payment certificates cost £104 for a year or £29.10 for three months.
Martin Lunt, managing director of Lunts Pharmacies, said: “Prescription charges have gone up every year without fail but the cost of a pre payment certificate - which acts as a kind of season ticket for prescriptions - has not increased for two years now.
“When you are reliant on medication, especially for a serious condition, finances are not something you want to have to worry about.
“This system is not well known and now is the perfect time to make our customers aware of it with the impending cost increases.”
Staff at all Lunts Pharmacies, which celebrated 50 years in business last year, encourage customers to do this when they come to collect a prescription.
You can call up and register there and then and get a reference number over the phone which is effective straight away so can be used for the prescription you have just walked in to collect.
You can also pay by standing order now too, so you don’t have to have the money there and then either.

December 2018 

Don't get caught out this Christmas, rely on your pharmacy for supplies and out of hours service

Shropshire residents are being asked to think ahead and make sure they have any medication they need ahead of the festive period.
Adding ‘medication’ to your pre-Christmas shopping list will reduce the impact on the already stretched medical services - as well as limiting any unnecessary extra stress for patients who might run out of much-needed medicines over Christmas.
Martin Lunt, managing director of Lunts Pharmacies, said staff at all branches across Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury are ready and waiting to help customers before Christmas.
“We completely understand that the run-up to Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for a lot of people. There’s so much to think about with presents, food and parties,” he said.
“We want to make sure that people don’t forget about the real essentials - like their medication.
“The much valued and used Shropdoc service will take huge amounts of emergency calls over Christmas, and we want to help reduce that load by asking people to sort out repeat prescriptions beforehand.
“So many people forget and then run out over Christmas which causes them undue stress and worry because shops and pharmacies aren’t always open, they might not be able to immediately access their medication.
“We would urge everyone to think ahead this year and help make Christmas a little less stressful for yourselves and our health service.”
Mr Lunt said it was also important that people think of older family members, or neighbours who may not be able to get out and about themselves.
“If you know of someone who needs daily medication or medical supplies just ask them ahead of time if they will have enough to see them through Christmas,” he added.
Christmas Day this year falls on a Tuesday so services will operate as usual on Christmas Eve.
Opening hours at Lunts Pharmacies across the rest of the Christmas period will remain unchanged but we close on December 25th and 26th as well as January 1st.
Patients are urged to get into their local pharmacies as soon as possible to guarantee they get what they need.
For more advice and information visit

November 2018

It's Ask Your Pharmacist Week and this year we're highlight medicine safety

November 5-12 is Ask Your Pharmacist week across the UK and this year the theme is to ensure all medicines are dealt with safely, the campaign is called ‘Let’s Talk About Medicines Safety’.
Lunts Pharmacy is joining in the nationwide initiative that highlights the importance of keeping medicines safe and the valuable services pharmacies provide.
Martin Lunt, managing director, said: “It is about explaining to patients the risks associated with using medicines inappropriately and encouraging them to talk with the pharmacy team about safe use.
“Patient safety is the key for us and we want each person who comes through the doors - whether for medical information, to buy products or toiletries - to know that we do everything we can to help them live well and safely.
“Ask Your Pharmacist Week is a great national campaign to highlight the vital role pharmacies play in communities across the UK.”
The Lunts Pharmacies in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury has leaflets and flyers in all branches and staff will be happy to talk to anyone if they have questions about the campaign or the safe use of their medicine.

October 2018

Ask us this World Psoriasis Day

Psoriasis is one of those conditions you’ve probably heard of, but unless you or a loved one have been diagnosed with it, you may not have much of an idea about the effects.
That’s why this World Psoriasis Day (October 29th) we’ll be joining forces with other health professionals to try and raise awareness.
If you have any questions about the condition - maybe you think you might have it, or you’ve already been diagnosed and you’re wondering about the options for treatment - then do take the opportunity to ask us at any branch of Lunts.
(But of course while it’s a specific awareness-raising day, we’d encourage you to ask any day of the year!)
The condition causes patches of dry, red skin known as plaques - there are many different types but usually people will only get one at a time and most cases go through cycles, meaning the skin will be affected for a few weeks or months before getting better temporarily.
It’s thought to be caused by a problem with the immune system meaning skin cells are produced much faster than normal, so they aren’t fully mature by the time they reach the surface of the skin which gives them the red, crusty appearance.
Psorasis runs in families and outbreaks can be triggered by smoking, excess drinking, stress, certain medicines or a skin injury like a cut, sunburn or insect bite.
This World Psoriasis Day, the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations is aiming to not only raise awareness and spread information, but also to improve access to treatment by lobbying governments, policy makers and healthcare providers.
You can find out about creams and ointments that you apply to your skin to treat mild to moderate psoriasis at any of our Lunts Pharmacy branches in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms or Pontesbury.
We’ll also be able to talk you through some other treatments for more severe forms, such as Topical corticosteroids, light treatment or Vitamin D analogues, Anthralin or Coal tar. These - some of which are oral medications - can be combined with creams and moisturiser to give effective treatment.
There are also lots of events happening right across the world to help mark World Psoriasis Day and make life a little bit easier for those who’ve been diagnosed with the condition.
At Lunts, we’d love to help raise awareness so please ask us if there’s anything you’d like to know!

September 2018

Lunts is supporting Fibromyalgia Awareness Week

Having a painful condition which is manageable but incurable is a difficult thing to deal with, especially when it’s something many others don’t understand.
That’s why this Fibromyalgia Awareness Week (September 2 to 9), we’re offering our support to all residents with the condition.
At our four pharmacies across Shropshire, we have staff trained to help you with the symptoms of the condition - and we try our hardest all year round to make them manageable for you.
The condition causes pain all over the body, with other common symptoms including fatigue, difficulty sleeping, problems with mental processes (known as fibro-fog), headaches and muscle stiffness.
It’s unknown what causes fibromyalgia but it is probably related to abnormal levels of certain chemicals in the brain which affects how the nervous system processes pain messages.
Some people are more likely to develop the condition for genetic reasons and it can be triggered by a stressful event such as an injury, having an operation, giving birth or an emotional trauma like the death of a loved one.
More women are affected than men and it’s most likely to begin affecting people between the ages of 30 and 50.
The first course of action if you think you have fibromyalgia is to go to the doctor and describe your symptoms.
If you’ve recently been diagnosed, or you don’t feel you’re able to effectively manage your symptoms, that’s where we come in.
We can offer all sorts of advice about how your diet, exercise and general well-being can affect the condition. We’re also able to review your medication periodically to check it’s working well for you and you’re not struggling with any adverse side effects.
We’re here to support all of our patients living with long-term health conditions and this Fibromyalgia Awareness Week, we’d like to ensure everyone with fibromyalgia is as symptom-free as they can be.

August 2018

Our lucky winners have been revealed - thank you for helping us to celebrate our golden year

The lucky winners of our spa day competition have been picked.
To celebrate our 50th anniversary in business this year we have been running a free raffle in each of our four stores throughout July for a fantastic prize.
We gave away one ‘Time 4 indulgence’ Spa Day for two people at the Albrighton Hall Hotel, worth £200 each, at our two pharmacies in Shrewsbury and those in Pontesbury and Craven Arms. The winners were drawn on 31 July at midday.
In Shrewsbury Richard Thomas won the prize as a customer of the Roushill store and said he would let younger members of his family use the vouchers.
“It was a bit of a surprise,” he said.
“They were very appreciative of it and very pleased.
“I use the pharmacy regularly and I’d like to say congratulations to all the staff there on their 50 years.”
Mary Perry, also of Shrewsbury, won the prize at the Hereford Road pharmacy in the town and said it was a great surprise as she had forgotten about the ticket.
“I’d left it in the car and thought nothing more of it,” she said.
“It’s rare I win anything so I’m very pleased and will take my daughter.
“I get all my prescriptions in Lunts and the staff there are great, always answering questions, so I am please I asked about the competition too.”
In Pontesbury Lindsay Tomlins, from the village, was named the winner and the winner at the Craven Arms branch was town resident Les Bowen.
Les Bowen will let his daughters Lauren, 26, who is six months pregnant, and Chelsea, 16,who has a bad back, enjoy a day at the spa and said they were very excited.
Lindsay, 71, said she was very shocked and cannot wait to go for a spa day with her son’s partner.
“I cleared out the car three days before Martin Lunt rang me and I’d found the ticket and said it must have finished now, so I threw it away,” she said.
“It was such a shock, I can’t explain how happy I am. I am absolutely over the moon, it is something I have always wanted to do but never done.
“I’m suffering with bad shoulders so the back massage will be great for me.”
Managing director Martin Lunt said: “We want to be an important part of all the villages and towns we are in so we thought there was no better way of celebrating our anniversary than by giving something back to the customers we serve.
“We have all enjoyed the celebrations, which will continue all year, but July was really the focus of it and we had lots of positive feedback from all our customers.
“Fifty years in business is a big feat, especially with the tough times the economy and the pharmaceutical industry has been through in recent years, so we are very proud to be a large part of Shrewsbury, Pontesbury and Craven Arms.
“Here’s to the next 50 years."
he company was established by Martin’s parents Ken and Joan Lunt at 21 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, on July 1 1968.
Since then,the Castle Street pharmacy moved to Roushill when the surgery moved. There are now four branches bringing vital services to communities.
It remains a family business as Ken and Joan still take a keen interest in it and Martin’s wife Christine is responsible for accounts, IT and HR.
The range of products on offer has expanded and last year two pharmacists became qualified to administer travel vaccinations as well.

July 2018 

Support for mothers, however they feed, during World Breastfeeding Week

Here at Lunts we have long believed all mothers need supporting, regardless of how they’re feeding their child.
So we were pleased to see the new position statement from the Royal College of Midwives stating midwives should respect women’s choices.
The statement added while information and advice should be given, mothers should not be put under pressure or made to feel like they have ‘failed’ if they do not breastfeed.
At Lunts, we think no mother should feel judged, especially by healthcare professionals, for the way in which they feed their babies.
Whether they are breastfeeding, combination feeding, have been formula feeding since the start or have transitioned from breastfeeding to formula feeding, we are here to support everyone.
All four of our branches (two in Shrewsbury, one in Craven Arms and one in Pontesbury) offer up their consultation rooms whenever they’re not being used by the pharmacist, for any breastfeeding mother if they wish to have some privacy.
It’s World Breastfeeding Week from August 1st to 7th but for us this doesn’t mean promoting breastfeeding as the only option. It means doing all we can to ensure mothers feel supported to breastfeed if they wish to and are able to.
It means recognising that there are things we can all do to support mothers, whether it’s offering our consultation rooms as a quiet place to feed, or giving advice about the products we have in store which may help them on their journey.
Of course we also stock formula and are able to give advice on formula feeding too on topics such as making up bottles and sterilising options.
So however you are feeding your baby, our staff will do everything they can to support you - as we think that’s the way things should be everywhere!

June 2018

Our 50th anniversary celebrations are gearing up as we launch a competition!


You may have heard that it’s the 50th anniversary of Lunts Pharmacy this year. Well, we’re celebrating!

Our business is rooted in health and wellbeing, giving the people of Shropshire advice and medicine and many other products at our two stores in Shrewsbury as well as Craven Arms and Pontesbury.
We are committed to the communities we serve and value each and everyone of our customers.
o, to emphasise this point we’re launching a celebratory competition to win a spa day for two. Something that will really help you to relax and help with wellbeing!
We’ve grown from one shop in Shrewsbury to four across the county so to mark the occasion we will give away four prizes - one in each of our stores.
Each prize is a ‘Time 4 indulgence’ Spa Day for two people at the Albrighton Hall Hotel - worth £200 each.
To enter (for free!) simply pick up a raffle ticket from a store. It’s just one of the many ways we are celebrating our golden year throughout 2018.
We have had a special 50th anniversary logo printed on all our vans and signs in our pharmacies and celebration events are happening in each of the pharmacies, organised by staff there.
Managing director Martin Lunt said it is proving to be an exciting year so far.
“Our golden anniversary year is shaping up to be a real celebration with plenty of people involved and the business continuing to go from strength to strength,” he said.
“We’ve had lots of good feedback for the logo from people when they visit the pharmacies and notice it on paper bags, stickers and signs, but also from people who may not be able to get out of the house much and rely on our free delivery service. They have enjoyed seeing it on our vans and speaking to our delivery drivers about it.
“As we approach the anniversary date in July we are very excited to launch this competition.
“And on top of all this celebration, we are very busy with plenty of work - we’ve given out a record number of flu jabs over winter and the particularly bad hayfever season we are experiencing at the moment is prompting a lot of people to seek advice too.”
Lunts opened its first pharmacy in Castle Street, Shrewsbury, in 1968. Since then the Castle Street shop has closed but four others have opened around the county bringing vital services to communities.
We have varied the range of products we offer far beyond the list we first started with, and last year two pharmacists became qualified to administer travel vaccinations as well.
We are pleased to be able to play an ever-increasing role these days and take the pressure off GPs, A&E departments and the NHS.
“A lot of things people used to make an appointment to see their GP about or paid a visit to A&E for can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently without tying up these vital services who are there to deal with more serious conditions,” Mr Lunt added.

“I have been involved in the running of the company for 37 years and am extremely proud of what we have achieved and what we have brought to the community.”

April 2018

More families making use of pharmacy scheme for minor ailments

We are thrilled to say more parents than ever are making use of the minor ailment scheme available for children with a wide-range of common conditions.
The scheme hit the headlines a couple of years ago when a Facebook post went viral claiming it was a way to stock up on free medicine such as Calpol.
Commenters bashed the NHS for ‘keeping it secret’ and lots of rumours went flying round confusing people about what the scheme was meant for - so much so the NHS actually issued a response to try and combat the negative press it was receiving and correct wrong assumptions.
However, now the furore and confusion has died down, parents are using the scheme for its intended reason and that’s great - because it gives children access to the correct treatment for their condition without having to either take up a GP appointment or even attend A&E unnecessarily.
Because the great thing about the scheme is that it enables those who receive free prescriptions anyway (including everyone under the age of 16) to see a qualified health professional in the form of a pharmacist without needing to wait for an appointment.
The scheme varies from pharmacy to pharmacy but here at Lunts we are able to offer treatments for more than 20 different common conditions including bites and stings, chickenpox, colds and nasal congestion and conjunctivitis (in children over two years old).
It also covers coughs, infant colic, nappy rash, scabies, threadworm, teething and warts and verrucas.
We encourage parents and carers to use the scheme if their child becomes unwell, and of course we can give more information in any of our four branches (two in Shrewsbury, one in Pontesbury and one in Craven Arms) but just to clarify for those who haven’t used it before: it’s for a specific condition if your child is already showing symptoms, not an opportunity to stock up on any medication they may need in the future, and we can refuse the right to access the treatment if we feel the scheme is being abused in any way.
We also don’t have to offer a brand such as Calpol if there is a cheaper alternative which will treat the symptoms just as well.
Please give us a call using the details on our contact page or pop into one of our branches where our staff will be able to answer any questions you have.

March 2018

Celebrate Doctors’ Day by helping to stop GP crisis

A Shropshire pharmacist is hoping to ease the pressure on doctors by marking a worldwide event.
National Doctors’ Day was founded in the USA in the 1930s and is celebrated each year on March 30.
While it is not a public holiday in the UK like in other countries across the world, Martin Lunt is hoping residents use it as an opportunity to give a gift to their GP - in the form of using a pharmacy instead, unless their ailment really requires a doctor’s appointment.
Research by the Primary Care Foundation and NHS England shows up to 27 per cent of GP appointments are potentially avoidable and Mr Lunt said many could visit their pharmacist as an alternative.
The Lunts Pharmacies owner, who has two branches in Shrewsbury as well as one in Pontesbury and another in Craven Arms, said: “Traditionally, patients would give a card or a red carnation to their doctor and their spouse on National Doctors’ Day.
“But while doctors across Shropshire would probably appreciate being thanked for all their hard work, we know what they really need is a decrease in their huge workload.
“There are many instances where residents absolutely do need to book an appointment or telephone consultation.
“But there are also other times where they could have popped in to their pharmacy and received the same advice or information.
“It’s not only better for doctors if their appointments aren’t being taken up by people who don’t really need them, it’s also easier for the patient who will often be able to access help immediately at the pharmacy rather than having to wait hours or even days to see a GP.
“Already this year we have heard about the huge strain on the health service due to a bad flu season and spike in norovirus cases, as well as NHS England advising parents to take their children to pharmacies for minor ailments instead of doctors - anything we can do to help will make a difference.”
A King’s Fund report showed a rise of 7.5 per cent in the number of GP appointments and phone consultations between 2015 and 2017. And a GP Patient Survey concluded more people were waiting longer to see their doctor thanks to a rise in the number of appointments requested.
NHS Choices states GPs should be used in instances where the patient is unwell but it is not an emergency.
Pharmacists can advise on many common ailments such as diarrhoea, minor infections, headaches or sore throats, as well as help with travel advice, stop smoking support, pregnancy testing and first aid supplies.
Visit for more information on Lunts’ services and locations.


March 2018

The future of pharmacies

It has been a turbulent couple of years within the pharmacy industry, with NHS funding cuts and branch closures for national chains dominating the news.

We’re happy to say all four of our Lunts branches are doing well and we have no intention of downsizing any time soon.

But of course, like anyone within the industry, we have kept a close eye on the announcements coming from NHS England and we have our concerns about the national picture going forward.

While NHS funding has always been an ongoing concern, the main change recently has been the announcement pharmacy funding would be cut by six per cent - equating to around £170million nationally.

Subsequently 1.8million people signed the ‘biggest healthcare petition ever’ but there was no U-turn and instead we were hit with the announcement that establishment payments (given to pharmacies which dispense more than 2,500 items a month) would be cut and eventually phased out.

All of this has been blamed for the recent announcement by Celesio UK, the parent company of Lloyds pharmacy, that 190 of their 1,500 sites would be closing as they had become ‘commercially unviable’.

This is a prime example of the effect cuts are having on some pharmacies.

Unfortunately, this tends to have a very detrimental impact on rural counties such as Shropshire - especially as if one pharmacy closes patients may have to travel miles to get to another.

Another, more positive, announcement has been the decision to fund 240 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to work in care homes helping to reduce over-medication and in turn cut unnecessary hospital admissions.

NHS England said pilot studies had seen a cost saving of £249 per patient annually.

As well as saving money, the idea is also to reduce any medication which may be given unnecessarily - on average the elderly have seven prescriptions although 10% of over 75s have ten or more medications daily.

It’s estimated one in 12 hospital admissions in this age group are medicine-related and two thirds of those are avoidable.

While we of course welcome any extra money for the pharmacy industry - especially when it has the potential to help 180,000 care home residents - we hope these posts really are properly funded.

Lunts were providing pharmacy support and training to care homes 20 years ago at our own expense but unfortunately it’s not a service that any pharmacist can provide long-term with no funding.

Amidst all of the uncertainty which surrounds healthcare in 2018, we’re proud to have our four branches helping residents day-in day-out and we remain committed to a strong future for Lunts.


January 2018

We're celebrating our golden year with branded stores and vans

Lunts Pharmacy is 50 years old in 2018. No, we can’t believe it either!
It’s been a golden era for our company and one which has seen us grow from one shop in Shrewsbury to four across the county.
To mark the occasion we will be having our 50th anniversary logo printed on all our vans and signs in our pharmacies.
Our owner Martin Lunt said the company had witnessed many things during those 50 years but the core strength of the firm remained as it always has - commitment to the community it serves.
“The Vietnam War was at its height and we were edging ever nearer the end of the Swinging Sixties - and Lunts opened our first pharmacy in Castle Street, Shrewsbury, in 1968,” he said.
“During the last 50 years we have seen that Castle Street shop close and four more open around the county bringing vital services to communities.
“Much has changed in that time, rural shops and services that were once the mainstay of villages and small towns have been hit hard and a lot are no longer with us. I believe it is of paramount importance to have a presence in these areas.
“Not everyone can travel to the larger towns and cities and for the elderly it can be a vital point of contact with someone - a real person they can converse with in the hustle and bustle of today’s everyday life.”
We have varied the range of products we offer far beyond the list we first started with. We now offer a comprehensive range of services including annual flu vaccinations and delivery of prescriptions.
Last year two pharmacists became qualified to administer travel vaccinations as well.
We are pleased to be able to play an ever-increasing role these days and take the pressure off GPs, A&E departments and the NHS.
“A lot of things people used to make an appointment to see their GP about or paid a visit to A&E for can be dealt with more quickly and efficiently without tying up these vital services who are there to deal with more serious conditions,” Mr Lunt added.
“I have been involved in the running of the company for 37 years and am extremely proud of what we have achieved and what we have brought to the community.”
Our special logo being printed on vans and at stores is to emphasises the role Lunts has played in Shropshire for a long time.
There will also be a series of events at the pharmacies throughout the year culminating in a celebration on the anniversary date in July.
“We think it is comforting for people to know that we are still here 50 years on providing a service they can rely on and trust,” Mr Lunt said.
“I am looking forward to celebrating with all our staff and customers throughout the year and hope we will continue to be here for them for another 50 years at least.”

December 2017

Shropshire pharmacist warns residents not to fall foul of the new prescription ordering service

A new way of ordering repeat prescriptions which has been in place in Telford for a year is now being rolled out across the rest of Shropshire - and one pharmacy boss is urging people to leave plenty of time to get their order.

Ian Swindell, pharmacist at Lunts Pharmacies in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, said the new Prescription Ordering Direct service can vary from surgery to surgery.

He said: “The service can be very effective.

“However it can differ from surgery to surgery - sometimes an order can be signed off by doctors and the prescription be at the pharmacy within minutes.

“Sometimes it takes 48 hours - and then the pharmacy may have to order the medication in.

“The prescription will always be ready within 48 hours, however the medication may not be.

“I would urge people to order their repeat medication a week before they run out, to ensure it will definitely be there ready to pick up.”

The service, which is used by seven medical practices across Telford, will be rolled out across surgeries around the rest of Shropshire over the coming months.

Lunts Pharmacies will still continue to dispense and deliver prescriptions as normal.

Customers will simply need to follow the advice given out by their surgery.

“Essentially not much will change for customers,” Mr Swindell said.

“It is more of a change in the system behind the scenes and we want to warn customers that the extra layer of administration introduced could cause a delay to the ordering process.

“Please be aware and leave plenty of time to ensure you do not run out of vital medication.”

For more information about Lunts Pharmacies visit the website or call 01743 232857.


December 2017

Be ready for Christmas - food, presents and medication, warns Shropshire pharmacist

Residents across Shropshire are being urged to try and reduce the number of emergency calls made to Shropdoc this Christmas by making sure they have ordered any prescriptions for medicine by the end of this week.

Every year Shropdoc receives thousands of calls over the festive period from residents requiring medical assistance.

But, Ian Swindell, pharmacist for Lunts Pharmacies which has premises in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, says a high proportion of these calls are related to people running out of medication and could be avoided if patients planned ahead.

He said: “Running out of important medication during the main Christmas period when many pharmacies are operating reduced hours can cause a lot of stress and worry for people.

“Quite often they don’t know what to do so call Shropdoc for advice.

“The number of these types of calls could be significantly reduced if people planned ahead.

“We have therefore been reminding all our regular customers to make sure they have ordered their prescriptions well in advance of Christmas and we would urge anyone needing extra medication over the festive period to have ordered their prescriptions no later than Wednesday, December 13.

“We appreciate it is a busy time of year and people have a lot on their mind, but we would urge people to have prescriptions at the top of their list - before presents and food shopping.”

Mr Swindell said it is also good idea to ensure your medicine cabinet is well stocked and be aware of the opening hours of your regular pharmacy.

And because Christmas Eve is a Sunday this year there will be a reduced service across the county for more days than usual, in many cases pharmacies will be closed on December 24, 25 and 26.

Lunts Pharmacies are operating usual opening hours and are closed on bank holidays.

Mr Swindell added: “Where possible we would ask people to assist any elderly relatives or friends to make sure they have enough medication or help them reorder if necessary before Wednesday’s deadline.”


November 2017

Double the number of flu vaccinations given out in Shropshire this winter as experts warn of severe season

A group of pharmacies across Shropshire has reported that more than double the number of flu vaccinations have been administered this year, compared with the same time last year.

Bosses at Lunts Pharmacies, which has two stores in Shrewsbury and stores in Craven Arms and Pontesbury, said they are delighted that customers are listening to the warnings about a potentially severe winter.

Owner Martin Lunt said: “About two months ago we began warning all our customers that the impending flu season could be more severe than recent years.

“We shared NHS England advice that there could be more cases of flu than usual after Australia and New Zealand experienced their worst outbreak for several years.

“We are very pleased that a lot of people in Shropshire appear to be listening to this and taking the situation seriously.

“To have already more than doubled the number of flu vaccinations we have administered compared to last winter is remarkable.
“We hope to have taken some strain off GP surgeries by offering this service, but I believe there are still people at risk who haven’t yet been vaccinated - I would urge them to do so.”

The figures are based on the flu vaccinations administered in Lunts Pharmacies in Hereford Road and Roushill, Shrewsbury.

Those at risk can have a free NHS flu vaccination without appointment and a private service is also available to anyone who does not qualify for the NHS service.

You should get a flu vaccination if you are aged 65 or over, are pregnant, have a serious medical condition, are very overweight or live in a residential or nursing home.

You should also consider it if you are the main carer of an elderly or disabled person or are parent to a child who is aged six months to two years, as you becoming ill could put them at risk.

Ian Swindell, a pharmacist who works at both Lunts Pharmacy stores in Shrewsbury, said it has been very busy.

He said: “We have been kept very busy with people wanting a flu jab and we are delighted about that.
“As it’s a walk in service sometimes we have had just one after the other, up to 10 a day.

“Our pharmacists who carry out the injections are fully trained and the process is simple and quick.

“If you had a vaccination last year you still need one this year.

“It can take up to 10 days for the vaccine to get to work and for your body to produce antibodies to protect you from the flu virus.”

Symptoms of flu can include a sudden high fever, dry chesty cough, chills, tiredness and joint pains as well as a sore throat and diarrhoea, all for up to a week.

Complications such as pneumonia - which can be fatal - can occur in certain groups of people.


November 2017

Raising awareness of indoor allergies

How can you be allergic to your own home?

But anyone who suffers from indoor allergies will know it can be exhausting and sometimes hard to avoid the cause….especially when where you spend most of your time is part of the problem.

National Indoor Allergy Week, organised by the charity Allergy UK, takes place from November 19 to 25, 2017.

Allergy UK estimates that at least 12 million people are allergic to their own home and so could be classed as household allergy sufferers.

At Lunts Pharmacies in Shropshire we will be raising awareness of what can trigger indoor allergies. This can include house dust mites, mould, pets and household cleaning products.

But the good news is there are lots of tips to make your home an easier place to be if you do suffer from allergies.

At our bases in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, we will be making people are aware of indoor allergies and what they can do to change conditions in their own home.

Symptoms of indoor allergies vary but can include:

  • A runny nose

  • Sneezing

  • Itchy eyes

  • Wheezing

  • Disturbed sleep

  • Poor concentration.

Some tips to help improve allergies include:

  • Air your bed -  Dust mites are microscopic creatures that survive well in warm damp conditions such as the average UK home. Dust mites love a warm cosy place to breed and feed. If you leave duvets folded back and move pillows to the end of the bed during the day, this will allow the bed to air fully.

  • Soft toys - Cuddly toys should be washed as frequently and at the same temperature as bedding. Alternatively, if the toy cannot be washed at 60 degrees place it in a plastic bag in the freezer for at least 12 hours once a month and then wash at the recommended temperature.

  • Avoid carpets and curtains - These can trap extra dust and mites. Use wooden floors and tiles and wipe down blinds with a damp cloth.

  • Don’t use strong detergents - These can be very bad for your skin. Look at natural substances such as lemon and vinegar which can be very good at cleaning.

  • Keep an eye out for damp and mould - Keep your home ventilated and open bathroom windows after a shower or bath.

  • Pets -  Your beloved pets can cause allergies so keep them out of the bedroom and other rooms where you spend a great deal of time. Replace carpets with hardwood floor or tile and clean away fur frequently.

For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations visit this page of our website or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

November 2017
Ask Your Pharmacist Week
It’s Ask Your Pharmacist Week from November 6th - 13th and here at Lunts pharmacies in Shropshire we will be taking part, hoping to hear from lots of people with lots of questions.

What is it?
The week has a theme this year of Discover your Pharmacy - hoping to surprise people with the range of services on offer.
It acknowledges the invaluable contributions that pharmacists and technicians make to patient care as well as the extra services such as providing information, toiletries, medical products you can get over the counter and in many cases, much much more.
It’s a time to celebrate achievements and share those accomplishments with patients, other health professionals and the community.

What is happening?
At our bases in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, we will be making people aware of the national week and the important work that pharmacists do.
Did you know that in Craven Arms we have introduced a specialised line of goods especially to try to help elderly and isolated people this year? This is a direct result of feedback from patients and the knowledge that our staff have of our customers.
During the national week we will have leaflets explaining the many roles of a pharmacist as well as encouraging patients to bring their prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines to discuss their medication regimes with our pharmacists. We will be providing handouts on safe medication use.

Owner of Lunts pharmacies, Martin Lunt, said: “We are looking forward to celebrating Ask Your Pharmacist Week with our staff and patients.
“We want to make sure people understand how many roles a pharmacist occupies and just how much they can help you.
“It is a great source of advice for medication and can help to promote safe and effective medication too.
“Let’s also say thank you to all the pharmacists that work in our stores, hospitals, GP surgeries, shops, and elsewhere across the UK.”
For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit this page or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

October 2017
We are delighted that our customers have heaped praise on staff and service

Lunts Pharmacies have been praised by our toughest critics, the customers.

Across our stores in Craven Arms, Pontesbury and two in Shrewsbury, we surveyed 468 customers and over 97% of respondents said they were very satisfied or fairy satisfied with the time it took to provide the service they were using.

The main praise was for the staff and short waiting times for prescriptions - but those surveyed said more work could to be done providing advice on physical exercise and stopping smoking.

Which is exactly what staff will do.

Owner Martin Lunt said: “Our annual patient questionnaire is a vital insight into how the pharmacies are working and what we can do to better provide for the people we serve.

“We always analyse the results very carefully and it influences our business plan each year.

“We are delighted that so many of our customers wanted to praise staff - often going to the extent to highlight work by individuals - and are pleased with the work we are doing.

“One of the most important parts of this exercise though is looking at what we don’t do well.

“As a result we are now offering more advice sessions and leaflets on getting exercise and stopping smoking in the locations where these issues were highlighted.

“We have started this already and will make further plans to improve this over the coming months.”

At the base at Hereford Road, Shrewsbury, customers said they trust the staff who are ‘polite, kind, warm and friendly’.

The efficient service is provided in a clean environment.

At Roushill customers said it was a ‘first class service’ and every single person said the staff were very good or fairly good

At our store in Pontesbury we were given a 100% mark for the time it takes to provide the service customers are using and the pharmacy was described as a ‘wonderful asset’ to the village.

They were praised for being ‘always clean’, ‘well stocked’ and with ‘great gifts’ on offer.

In Craven Arms customers thought the staff were 100% and said they were well trained and offered good support.

One respondent described the store in The Auction Yard as ‘the best chemist I have ever visited’.

Mr Lunt added: “The comments people took to the time to write about each pharmacy are really overwhelming at times.

“I am so proud of our excellent workforce at Lunts, some of whom have been here for many years.
“These results are a fitting tribute to the hard work they put in day in day out.”

So, thank you!

September 2017
Shropshire pharmacies to offer advice during National Eczema Week

As part of national Eczema Week this month, our group of pharmacies in Shropshire is urging people to take the disease seriously.

Lunts Pharmacies, with bases in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, is urging people to make sure they get proper treatment as Eczema can be a debilitating condition to live with.

Eczema Week runs from September 17 to 25 and is organised by the charity National Eczema Society.

Lunts Pharmacies owner Martin Lunt said learning to manage your eczema or your child’s is an important part of coping and living with the condition.

According to the National Eczema Society, 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults suffer from Eczema.

He said: “While Eczema is an incurable condition, it can be managed. People must take it seriously and understand the particular challenges that the condition brings.

“During National Eczema Week, we will be offering support and advice to patients and those who have children with the condition.

“Eczema is a dry skin condition, which can be very painful and uncomfortable. In mild cases, the skin is dry, scaly, red and itchy. In more severe cases there may be weeping, crusting and bleeding. Constant scratching causes the skin to split and bleed and also leaves it open to infection.

“We want to focus on how to live with condition and teaching about the different products available. We want to encourage people to come to their local pharmacy for advice.”

Mr Lunt said there are a number of treatments available.

He said: “Keeping skin moisturised using emollients, which are medical moisturiser, is key to managing all types of eczema with topical steroids commonly used to bring flare ups under control.

“There can also be other trigger factors to flare ups and you may need to look at your environment and other circumstances, such as the presence of pets, the nature of your work or your home life.”

Mr Lunt said Eczema sufferers can also look at their diet, although there is not enough research yet about the role of food in the condition.

He said: “It can help to keep an accurate diary of what you or your child eats to see if food may be playing a role in worsening Eczema or the itching.

“The most common food triggers are cow’s milk and eggs, but many other foods including Soya, wheat, fish and nuts are common. Exclusion Diets to work out triggers should be supervised by a healthcare professional. Parents and carers should never attempt an exclusion diet on their own and it is important the diet chosen is the right one and nutritionally correct.”

For more information and advice from Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

September 2017
Free blood pressure checks at Shrewsbury pharmacy during month of action

A pharmacy in Shrewsbury is determined to alert people in the county town to potential health problems during a month of action.
Lunts Pharmacy in Roushill will be offering free daily blood pressure checks as part of a campaign to increase awareness of heart health and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
The campaign, run by Public Health England, begins on September 4 and will also see people asked to fill in an online questionnaire.
Lauren Wagstaff, Dispensing Technician at the pharmacy in Roushill, said they were expecting a large number of visitors.
“This is an important issue for many adults,” she said.
“We decided to take part to ensure people in Shropshire can tackle any conditions they may have as early as possible.
“Not always, but in some cases persistent high blood pressure can increase your risk of a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, heart failure, aortic aneurysms, kidney disease or vascular dementia.
“We will have a wealth of information and advice for people who want to come and get a free blood pressure reading.
“We suspect it will be something a large number of people will be doing - you may have been wondering about this and popping into your local pharmacy is a lot easier that making a doctor's appointment ‘just in case’ - so this is your opportunity to get checked.”
The free blood pressure checks will be on offer Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and then again from 2pm to 5pm.
The pharmacy staff will also be encouraging adults to complete the new online 'One You' Heart Age Test.
This is run by Public Health England and provides a series of questions for users based on lifestyle, it will calculate a figure to tell people 'how old their heart is' (in comparison to their physical age). There are tips on actions you can take to lower your heart age online.
For more information call Lunts Pharmacy in Roushill on 01743 232857 or email

September 2017
Shropshire pharmacies raising awareness of migraines during national week

Migraines - they stop you in your tracks. They mess with your vision, they mess with your stomach and they generally make you stop. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are. It is much more than just a headache.
Migraine Awareness Week, organised by The Migraine Trust, runs from September 3rd to 9th and at Lunts Pharmacies we’re holding advice clinics to highlight the facts and reduce stigma - we also want you to know just how many things are available over the counter these days.
Our bases in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury, are aiming to raise awareness about the complex neurological disorder with no known cause or cure.
According to The Migraine Trust, one in seven people are affected by migraines and The World Health Organisation recognises migraine as one of the most disabling lifetime conditions, yet awareness and understanding is low.
A painful headache, disturbed vision, sensitivity to light, sound and smells, feeling sick and vomiting.
There are a number of branded products you can buy off the shelf, we can suggest appropriate relief depending on your symptoms and other medication that you may be taking.
We can also offer advice to people suffering with migraines too.
Ian Swindell, chief superintendent pharmacist at our Hereford Road base, said it is also important to talk to your GP and keep a migraine diary so you can notice what trigger points can lead to a migraine developing.
He said: “There are a wide variety of trigger points. Common ones include changes in routine, stress, too much or too little sleep, caffeine, hormonal changes in women, the environment, such as weather changes, high humidity and loud noises, lack of food and mild dehydration.
“Migraine is a serious condition and one that a lot of people don’t understand. They assume someone is just complaining of a headache. Living with migraines is debilitating and can really affect your way of life.
“We urge sufferers to come into our stores to pick up our advice leaflets.”
For more information and advice from Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit us or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

August 2017
The importance of a consultation room at a pharmacy

Next time you go into one of our pharmacies take a look around - as well as the prescriptions dispensing area, the shelves of medicines, the shelves of toiletries and essentials and the leaflets giving you information on what you may be suffering with, you’ll also notice a door.

This door will lead to a consulting room and we believe this is vitally important for anyone coming to a pharmacy.

You may pop into one of our pharmacies quite often and be so focused on what it is you need, you have never noticed the door.

But there is one in both our Shrewsbury bases and at the pharmacies in Craven Arms and Pontesbury too.

A consulting room is essential to give privacy and confidentiality to all our customers. Whether you have an intimate condition you want to discuss or you simply don’t want to discuss your medical needs in front of other customers, you can always use the consulting room.

These can also be used for a Medicines Use Review (MUR) too - these are different to the ones carried out at the doctors.

A MUR consists of an accredited pharmacist undertaking structured adherence-centred reviews with patients on multiple medicines, particularly those receiving medicines for long-term conditions.  They will only be offered to a selection of patients.

In fact, to be eligible to offer MURs pharmacy premises need to meet national standards because they need to take place in a confidential environment.

Consultation areas must meet the following requirements:

  • The patient and the pharmacist can sit down together

  • They can talk at normal speaking volumes without being overheard by staff or customers

  • The area is clearly signed as a private consultation area.

So our consultation rooms are not only vital for you, they are vital for us to meet the standards expected.

Next time you’re in one of our pharmacies take a look around and see if you can spot it, they are there for whenever you need them.

For more information and advice from Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

August 2017

A scheme to get people to use the pharmacy first is failing in Shropshire compared to other counties - says expert

A scheme to get people to use the pharmacy as the first point of call for common ailments is failing in Shropshire compared to other counties, one of our experts has said.
Lorraine Anderson, who works at Lunts Pharmacy in Drovers’ House, Craven Arms, has hit the headlines recently campaigning for the Think Pharmacy First scheme to be better advertised and facilitated in Shropshire.
Before starting a permanent role with us three months ago she previously worked as a locum pharmacist in Shropshire, Cheshire and Powys - and said the scheme is much better elsewhere, mainly in Cheshire where it works very well.

You can read Lorraine's comments in full in one of the many news stories here.

The NHS scheme, updated last year, aims to ensure patients can access self care advice and where appropriate can be supplied with over the counter medicines at NHS expense for children and those who don’t pay for prescriptions.
The scheme is aimed at any many common ailments such as acute conjunctivitis, bites, stings and allergies, constipation or diarrhoea, earache, sore throat, athlete's foot, threadworm, haemorrhoids and warts and verrucas.
It can also apply to young children and conditions such as teething.

Under the scheme patients would take their NHS number and some ID into a pharmacy, as well as proof of exemption from paying for prescriptions. This would entitle them to free advice and a free prescription if needed.
For more information about the Think Pharmacy First scheme visit

For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and what is on offer visit or call 01588 672327 for further advice.

July 2017
Pharmacy staff celebrating 55 years between them

Two members of staff at a Shropshire pharmacy are celebrating 55 years service between them - and thousands raised for charity.
Nicky Pearson, 49, joined Lunts Pharmacy in Pontesbury when she was just 16 - and has since completed a host of qualifications
And Jan McDermott, from Minsterley, has worked there 19 years - but has worked for the Lunts company for 31 years.
When she returned to work after a break to have children she went to the Pontesbury pharmacy.

They've been hitting the headlines due to their success. You can read their stories in full here.

July 2017
Scheme to get people checked if they are coughing is proving a success in Shrewsbury

A scheme to get people thinking about the symptoms of cancer has proved successful in Shrewsbury.

The Be Clear on Cancer scheme was run throughout June at Lunts Pharmacy in Roushill, aiming to get people to take notice if they have been coughing for three weeks or get out of breath easily.

Pharmacist Helen Grass said: “We have seen quite a bit of interest in this topic.
People started picking up the leaflets and thinking about it as soon as it launched.
When our regular customers come in for a repeat prescription or someone comes in for some paracetamol, we then make them aware of the current scheme.
The message is be aware. You can get advice from your pharmacist and buy over the counter remedies first.
But if you’ve had three bottles of cough medicine and you are still coughing then you need to get checked out.”

The pharmacy, next to The Salopian pub, is running a different awareness scheme each month along with the other Lunts Pharmacies based in Hereford Road, Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury.
The Be Clear on Cancer scheme aims to gain early diagnosis of conditions such as lung cancer, COPD (a group of lung diseases) and heart disease.

We will help you with advice and treatment in any way we can, and have leaflets that you can take away,” Helen added.
We would always advise that your pharmacist should be your first point of call, but when you need an appointment with your doctor we can also spot this.
In this instance, during your visit to the doctor they will ask you some questions such as how long you have had your symptoms and if they have changed over time.
They may suggest some tests such as a chest x-ray, blood tests and lung function tests. They are all standard tests and nothing to worry about.
Often if people have spotted our leaflet and after talking with us in the pharmacy they are concerned, we would advise them to write down the symptoms and how you feel. This would prepare you for the visit to the doctor if you need one.”

For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit the contact us page or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

June 2017
Hayfever hitting a high in Shropshire

Hayfever has been a big problem in Shropshire this past week.
We’ve heard of customers who haven’t suffered for years suddenly becoming very ill with it again. Some even triggering asthma attacks.
t is because the pollen levels have soared. According to the Met Office, pollen has risen to “very high” - the highest possible rating, during the week.
Hayfever affects around one in five people in the UK so if you were unsure if you suffer, chances are you’ve found out you do this week.
This time of year too we see particularly high levels of grass pollen - this is the form which affects most hay fever sufferers.

So, we’re here to help. Pop into any of our pharmacies to get over the counter goods to help you out and let you begin to enjoy the outdoors. And here’s some helfpul information for you.

What is hay fever?
It is a very unpleasant condition which a lot of county residents think they just have to put up with.
It can be confused with a cold so it is important to recognise the symptoms and then deal with it accordingly.

How do I know if I’ve got it?
Generally speaking if you have an itchiness in the eyes, nose or throat then it’s hay ever. If you have a sore throat then that is more likely to be a cold.
If the symptoms appear between late May and the middle of July then, again, it is probably going to be hay fever. Hay fever symptoms are similar to a cold, with a runny nose and congestion, so it can be difficult to tell.

And what do I do about it?
Treatments vary as to how bad the case of hay fever is.
Anti-histamine tablets are a good bet and if you are a regular sufferer.  It is usual to take one tablet a day as a prevention but ask for guidance from your pharmacist as you don’t want to be taking something that will make you sleepy. It is also a good idea for hay fever sufferers to keep off the alcohol.
There are steroid nasal sprays but these can take time to take effect and anti-inflammatory eye drops are also a consideration. All these items are available from the pharmacy
If you can find out what pollen you’re allergic to then it will be easier to advise on the correct type of medication.
Pollen sticks to clothing so changing clothes and showering after being outside is advisable, and staying indoors where possible when the pollen count is at its worse - early mornings or evenings - can also reduce the problem.

Ask Lunts for help
Hayfever is a very unpleasant condition but with the help of your pharmacist it can be made more bearable.
Always speak to to your pharmacist before taking any "over the counter medication" particularly for the first time. We need to know what other medication you are taking as there can be interactions. Also important if you are pregnant or under 12.

For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit our website or call 01743 232857 for further advice.

June 2017
Diabetes Week: When is it? What is it? What is happening?

When is it?
June 11 to 17

What is it?
Organised by the charity Diabetes UK, it is a national campaign to get people thinking about diabetes, the risk of it and what it does to your life.

This year’s theme is ‘Know Diabetes. Fight Diabetes.”

What is happening?
As part of national Diabetes Week this month Lunts pharmacies in Shropshire are urging people to focus on prevention.
Our bases in Shrewsbury, Craven Arms and Pontesbury are urging people to pick up the signs of Type 2 diabetes early and make lifestyle choices to stop it progressing.
According to Diabetes UK, there are currently 4.5 million people in the UK living with the condition, and 11.9 million at increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes.

Owner of Lunts pharmacies, Martin Lunt, said: “Knowing the facts about diabetes is important when it comes to managing the condition.
We want to focus on prevention and teaching people about self care to avoid diabetes. We want to encourage people to come to their local pharmacy for advice.”

During Diabetes Week we will be providing information to the public and offering support to those living with diabetes.
We would encourage anyone who has any concerns about diabetes to pop in and have a chat to our pharmacists who will be able to advise on helpful next steps.
We also offer free blood glucose tests in our pharmacies, which are for people who may be at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This is where the body does not effectively respond to the insulin produced so blood sugar levels become too high. It can be managed partly through maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The signs of diabetes may not be obvious and it could be up to 10 years before you realise you have it, that’s why it’s very important to know the risk factors and find out your risk because then you can do something about it.

You’re more at risk if you’re white and over 40 or over 25 if you’re African-Caribbean, Black African, or South Asian.
You’re two to six times more likely to get Type 2 diabetes if you have a parent, brother, sister or child with diabetes.
You’re more at risk of Type 2 diabetes if you’re overweight, especially if you’re large around the middle and you’re more at risk if you’ve ever had high blood pressure.

The Diabetes UK website has an online tool you can use to find out your risk of type 2 diabetes, which is definitely worth looking at or come and visit us in store.

How can I fight diabetes?
You can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented. But around three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented by making simple changes in our everyday lives.

These include getting active and staying active and eating well and getting to a healthy weight.
There are some great recipes on the Diabetes UK website and we can offer advice in our pharmacies too.

For more information about Lunts Pharmacy and the store locations you can visit our contact us page or call 01743 232857 for further advice.