Welcome To Lunts Pharmacies

Lunts is an independent, family owned and run pharmacy serving families and individuals in the Shropshire area. The primary role of the pharmacist is to dispense medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor. Other services include advising patients and their carers about the use of drugs, reviewing prescriptions to reduce the incidence of any side effects or other drug related problems and offering general advice on healthcare issues.

These services can replace the need to visit the GPs surgery in many cases which is convenient for the patient and reduces waiting times in doctors' surgeries. Patients will be advised to see their doctor when the pharmacist feels that a consultation is needed but there will be many occasions when the pharmacist can offer over the counter remedies without the need for a prescription.

Building strong relationships between our pharmacists and patients is a key objective at Lunts Pharmacies so that patients have a trusted healthcare advisor in their local community in addition to their doctor. The services offered by Lunts Pharmacies are listed on this website but please contact us with any enquiries that you may have.